Suzi Quatro enjoyed a career beginning in 1973 with the release of her eponymous debut on through to her 18th album – The Devil In Me (2021). Her peak period lasted until 1980 when like many other artists, a new time and music washed many of the older artists out. Without question, she left behind a string of hits and six highly beloved peak albums.

On April 15, a 7CD/DVD Suzi Quatro Box – The Rock Box 1793-1979: The Complete Recordings – will be issued that will collect the first six albums, her 19977 Live album, and add a collection of singles and B-sides as bonus tracks. To complete the box experience, a 56-page booklet is packed in.

The DVD will include promo videos, Top of the Pops clips, and some live in Japan 1975 video performances.

The Rock Box 1973-1979: The Complete RecordingsSuzi Quatro

Suzi Quatro (1973)
Bonus Tracks
13 Rolling Stone
14 Brain Confusion (For All The Lonely People)
15 Ain’t Got No Home.
16 Can The Can
17 Ain’t Ya Somethin’ Honey
18 Little Bitch Blue
19 Daytona Demon
20 Roman Fingers
21 Free Electric Band [Studio Take]

Quatro (1974)
Bonus Tracks
12 Devil Gate Drive
13 In The Morning
14 I Wanna Be Free
15 The Wild One [Single Version]
16 Shake My Sugar
17 Angel Flight
18 The Wild One [Dry Mix]

You’re Mamma Won’t Like Me (1975)
Bonus Tracks
11 Peter, Peter
12 Red Hot Rosie
13 I May Be Too Young
14 Don’t Mess Around

Aggro-Phobia (1977)
Bonus Tracks
11 Tear Me Apart [Int. Single Version]
12 Close Enough To Rock ‘N’ Roll
13 Same As I Do
14 Roxy Roller
15 I’ll Grow On You
16 Kids Of Tragedy
17 Miss America [Early Version Of American Lady]
18 Half As Much As Me [Montreux Version]
19 Tear Me Apart [Single Version]

Live and Kickin’ (1977)

If You Knew Suzi… (1978)
Bonus Tracks
12 Cream Dream
13 A Stranger With You
14 Sweet Little Rock And Roller
15 Born To Run
16 Sweet Nothings

Suzi…And Other Four Letter Words (1979)

Promo Videos
01 48 Crash
02 Can The Can
03 Tear Me Apart
04 If You Can’t Give Me Love
05 Stumblin’ In
Top Of The Pops
06 Can The Can
07 The Wild One
08 Devil Gate Drive
09 Tear Me Apart
10 Roxy Roller
11 If You Can’t Give Me Love
12 The Race Is On
13 She’s In Love With You
Live In Japan 1975
14 I May Be Too Young
15 Cat Size
16 Your Mamma Won’t Like Me
17 Jailhouse Rock
18 Glycerine Queen
19 Can The Can
20 Devil Gate Drive

By MARowe