Graham Parker delivered many classic and great albums with his band, The Rumour. After finding worldwide success with his excellent Squeezing Out Sparks (1979), Graham Parker eventually delivered a solo outing with Another Grey Area (after The Up Escalator with The Rumour). Another Grey Area was the first Graham Parker solo album. It sold remarkably well around the world.

On April 1, Iconoclassic Records will release a 40th Anniversary Edition of Another Grey Area. It will be enhanced with new remastering and will pack in five extra tracks that include a bonus original cassette only track, two live versions, and two extra alternate versions of original tracks from the album.

Another Grey Area will be released on CD. The booklet included will contain new notes based on interviews with Graham Parker, photos, and credits.

Another Grey Area (40th Anniversary Remastered) – Graham Parker
01Temporary Beauty
02 Another Grey Area
03 No More Excuses
04 Dark Side of the Bright Lights
05 Can’t Waste a Minute
06 Big Fat Zero
07 You Hit the Spot
08 It’s All Worth Nothing Alone
09 Crying for Attention
10 Thankless Task
11 Fear Not
Bonus Tracks
12 Habit Worth Forming
13 You Hit the Spot (Extended Version)
14 No More Excuses (Version)
15 You Hit the Spot (Live)
16 Another Grey Area (Live)

By MARowe