Sonic Youth, formed in the early ’80s in the core of NYC rose to prominence with their 1990 Goo album. Before Goo, the band released six albums, all on Enigma Records. Overall, the band released sixteen studio albums, all revered. They have a rabid fan base that loves whatever they can get their hands on from the band.

On March 18, a 5-track collection of rarities will be released called In/Out/In. The 5 tracks were recorded between the years 2000 and 2010. In/Out/In will be released via Three-Lobed Records.

In/Out/In will be released on CD, DD, vinyl LP, and CS (cassette). The song, “In & Out” is in current release ahead of the set (hear below)

In/Out/InSonic Youth
01 Basement Contender
02 In & Out
03 Machine
04 Social Static
05 Out & In

By MARowe