As Christmas approaches and vinyl still sits high on the lists of many fans, it’s easy to add to the list with two loved albums from the past. Those are Hunky Dory by David Bowie, and Quiet Fire by Roberta Flack. While certainly not the only two vinyl sets readying for the Christmas rush, they are definitely two prominent ones.

Hunky Dory is the 1971 David Bowie classic set that delivered the anthem, “Changes”. Here is will be reissued using the 2015 remaster. It is scheduled for January 7 of 2022 and so will need the proof of purchase envelope at the holidays.

Quiet Fire is in its 50th Anniversary point and deserves a new refresh, On 180g-weight vinyl with a new remaster from the original analog tapes. This will be presented along with new notes and as an exclusive VMP Record Of The Month club pressing (here). It is scheduled for December.

By MARowe

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