Slade fans have enjoyed the past times of the band with the greatest pleasure. Recently, Slade announced the reissue of the classic Slayed? album on vinyl LP with a collectible black and yellow splatter limited edition that will issue on September 3. Now that that album is in the books, there are other Slade albums to pay close attention to, like the UK issue of Old New Borrowed and Blue (this title was known as Stomp Your Hands, Clap your Feet in the US with the exclusion of two UK hits (“My Friend Stan”, “My Town”). Both were previously placed on Sladest, a comp package released by Warner Bros Records in the US in 1973. The UK Polydor issue contained a different set of track inclusions that did have “My Town” and “My Friend Stan”.

I know…I know.

On October 15, BMG will reissue the 1974 UK edition of Old New Borrowed and Blue, with the UK track list intact. This Slade reissue will be in limited edition red and blue splatter vinyl LP. Believe you me, I am PLEASED to see this and hope it continues with other titles.

Old New Borrowed and BlueSlade

Side A
01 Just a Little Bit
02 When the Lights Are Out
03 My Town
04 Find Yourself a Rainbow
05 Miles out to Sea
06 We’re Really Gonna Raise the Roof

Side B
01 Do We Still Do It
02 How Can It Be
03 Don’t Blame Me
04 My Friend Stan
05 Everyday
06 Good Time Gals

By MARowe