Rory Gallagher is one of those guitarists that many people do not know. But that doesn’t diminish in the least the talent Rory exhibited on his guitar first as a member of Taste (from 1966-1970), then as an influential solo performer from 1970 until 1995, when he succumbed to liver failure at the young age of 47. In his career, he released two albums with Taste (Taste, On The Boards), and as solo, eleven studio albums, and three live albums. the world lost a great guitar player when he died.

On September 3, a 4CD/DVD Box of his first album, the self-titled Rory Gallagher issued in 1971, will celebrate its 50th Anniversary in grand style. The 4CDs will include the original album newly remixed (!), a wondrous batch of 30 previously unreleased outtakes, and alternate studio takes, six live performance tracks from a 1971 john Peel BBC Radio session, and four BBC Radio songs from a 1971 Sounds Of The Seventies session, all newly remastered for this 50th Anniversary edition of Rory Gallagher. The package is sweetened with a DVD featuring a previously unreleased film of his first solo concert for Pop Deux. A poster, and a 32-page hard-bound book is inside.

The Rory Gallagher 50th Anniversary album will also be made available as a 2CD set with the original album remixed, and 18 of the 30 unreleased tracks. A 3LP package is planned with the same track availability as the 2CD set. A Limited Edition Orange-color vinyl LP with only the 6 live John Peel BBC Radio Sunday Concert session mentioned above is available for collectors. You can pre-order here. An alternate take of “At The Bottom” (Take 3) AND the remix of original track, “Just The Smile” can be heard below.

Rory Gallagher (50th Anniversary Edition 4CD/DVD Box) – Rory Gallagher

CD1 (Original Album Remixed)
01. Laundromat 
02. Just The Smile 
03. I Fall Apart 
04. Wave Myself Goodbye 
05. Hands Up 
06. Sinner Boy
07. For The Last Time
08. It’s You 
09. I’m Not Surprised
10. Can’t Believe It’s True

CD2 (Bonus Tracks)
01. Gypsy Woman – Tangerine Studio Session
02. It Takes Time – Tangerine Studio Session
03. I Fall Apart – Tangerine Studio Session
04. Wave Myself Goodbye – Tangerine Studio Session
05. At The Bottom – Alternate Take 1
06. At The Bottom – Alternate Take 2
07. At The Bottom – Alternate Take 3
08. At The Bottom – Alternate Take 4
09. Advision Jam
10. Laundromat – Alternate Take 1
11. Just The Smile – Alternate Take 1
12. Just The Smile – Alternate Take 2
13. I Fall Apart – Alternate Take 1
14. Wave Myself Goodbye – Alternate Take 1
15. Wave Myself Goodbye – Alternate Take 2

CD3 (Bonus Tracks)
01 Hands Up – Alternate Take 1
02 Hands Up – Alternate Take 2
03 Hands Up – Alternate Take 3
04 Hands Up – Alternate Take 4
05 Hands Up – Alternate Take 5
06 Hands Up – Alternate Take 6
07 Sinner Boy – Alternate Take 1
08 Sinner Boy – Alternate Take 2
09 Sinner Boy – Alternate Take 3
10 For The Last Time – Alternate Take 1
11 For The Last Time – Alternate Take 2
12 For The Last Time – Alternate Take 3
13 It’s You – Alternate Take 1
14 It’s You – Alternate Take 2
15 I’m Not Surprised – Alternate Take 1
16 I’m Not Surprised – Alternate Take 2
17 Can’t Believe It’s True – Alternate Take 1

CD4  (Live on BBC Radio – Sounds Of The Seventies recordings/ John Peel Sunday Concert 1971
Live on BBC Radio Sounds Of The Seventies (Off-air Recordings)
01 For The Last Time
02 Laundromat
03 It Takes Time 
04 I Fall Apart 
Live on John Peel Sunday Concert 1971
05 Hands Up 
06 For The Last Time 
07 In Your Town 
08 Just The Smile
09 Laundromat 
10 It Takes Time 

DVD (Pop Deux show)
01 Interview
02 Hands Up
03 Wave Myself Goodbye
04 It Takes Time
05 Sinner Boy
06 For the Last Time
07 It’s the Same Thing
08 I Fall Apart

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