Dr. Feelgood, an R&B Rock band from the ’70s achieved a sense of stardom in their UK location. But to say they did not have an impact in the US and other parts of the world would be unfair. But they’re certainly loved by those that love them. Over the years, their string of singles have been revisited in several ‘best of’ sets. And it looks as if it’s about time for another. Two, in fact. This is in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the band’s existence, which SHOULD be celebrated.

On June 11, Rhino will revisit Singles – The UA Years + with a vinyl LP for Dr. Feelgood’s 50th Anniversary. It’s been released on CD in 1989, again in 2004). With 24 Dr. Feelgood songs, this is a good pickup if you don’t have it on vinyl. But it’s not the only one being released.

In the UK, Grand Records has released a 2CD new ‘best of’ collection entitled Greatest Hits. This collection features 41 tracks including a newly recorded one for the release. The new song is a cover of Willie Dixon’s classic, You Can’t Judge A Book By Looking At Its Cover”.

No matter your Dr. Feelgood love, there’s something for you here. And if you’re new, listen to the track below.

RIP, Lee Brilleaux, and Gypie Mayo

Greatest HitsDr. Feelgood

01 She Does It Right
02 I Don’t Mind
03 All Through The City
04 Keep It Out Of Sight
05 Roxette
06 I Can Tell
07 Sneakin’ Suspicion
08 Back In The Night
09 Going Back Home
10 Riot In Cell Block # 9
11 She’s A Wind Up
12 That’s It, I Quit
13 Night Time
14 Milk & Alcohol
15 Put Him Out Of Your Mind
16 Shotgun Blues
17 No Mo Do Yakamo
18 Jumping From Love To Love
19 Violent Love
20 Rat Race
21 Crazy ‘Bout Girls
22 Dangerous
23 Mad Man Blues
24 Dimples
25 Hunting Shooting Fishing
26 See You Later Alligator
27 King For A Day
28 Baby Jane
29 Sugar Turns To Alcohol
30 Down By The Jetty Blues
31 Wolfman Callin ‘
32 Road Runner
33 Down At The Doctors
34 Heart Of The City
35 Instinct To Survive
36 Going Out West
37 You Got Me
38 Who Do You Love
39 You Gotta Help Me
40 Gimme One More Shot
41 You Can’t Judge A Book By Looking At The Cover (New)

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