Johnny Thunders’ Heartbreakers band flashed brightly for a brief time with the release of their noted album, L.A.M.F. This album was released in 1977 with the band quitting shortly thereafter. The album itself was plagued with a notable bad mix that gave the album’s songs a “muddy” sound. After a few years, a remixed album was issued (in 1994) and referred to as The Lost ’77 Mixes. Recently, a director from Track Records (the label that released L.A.M.F. in 1977) rummaged through boxes in his attic and came across two unmarked boxes. Inside were copy master tapes with an amazingly clean sound of the original L.A.M.F. set.

On July 17, Jungle Records will release a limited transparent purple color LP edition of the Johnny Thunders and Heartbreakers classic, L.A.M.F. as The Found ’77 Masters. Inside will be an inner bag with new liner notes as well as a 12″ poster of an outtake cover shot of the album cover.

 12″ Outtake Poster

L.A.M.F. The Found ’77 MastersHeartbreakers
01 Born To Lose
02 Baby Talk
03 All By Myself
04 I Wanna Be Loved
05 It’s Not Enough
06 Chinese Rocks
07 Get Off The Phone
08 Pirate Love
09 One Track Mind
10 I Love You
11 Goin’ Steady
12 Let Go
13 Can’t Keep My eyes On You
14 Do You Love Me

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