Lycia, a darkwave band comprised of Mike VanPortfleet, David Galas, and Tara VanFlower (who is also a novelist of nine books, and a solo artist with two albums in release), has been producing classic sounds on over eleven classic albums. Those include long-standing favorites like Cold (1996), and Ionia (1991). Most of their album releases have been issued via innovative darkwave label, Projekt Records.

On April 23, Ionia, which has never been pressed on vinyl, will get its day with not just one but two color pressings sure to please collectors. Ionia will be reissued on two separately available 2LP packages, one with a red/black color mix, the other with a red/black mix and white splatter. These Limited Edition collector LPs will be reissued via Avantgarde Music. The label will also issue Ionia in DD format. Start here.

As a sidenote, filmmakers are really missing the boat with the innovation of Mike VanPortfleet and Lycia creativity in sound. Get with it!

By MARowe