For many years, Dw Dunphy has recorded and released a gracious string of original music, 19 albums in all. In 2019, a 3-song EP was released called Charm Offensive. With times being as they are, Dw Dunphy had more to say using the phrase of Charm Offensive, an undertaken campaign of charm utilized to achieve positive results. Having already released a short EP on this theme, Dw picks up the title and the work to expand on the concepts that make up the Charm Offensive music.

On March 5, Introverse Media will release the full-length expanded album of Charm Offensive with 12 tracks. The album will not be made available physically but will be issued as DD via Bandcamp in high quality download options. You can hear “Things We Say”, and “(I’m Not Here To Be) Your Conscience” below.

You can visit the Dw Dunphy Bandcamp page to purchase Charm Offensive here. While there, take a listen to his other works.

Charm Offensive
01 The False Clairvoyant
02 (I’m Not Here To Be) Your Conscience
03 Limo In A Lake
04 Down In The Valley
05 Tonight (I Want To Be Wrong)
06 Things We Say
07 Flightless (Ines)
08 Crime Scene Reporter
09 What Trenton Breaks The River Takes
10 Newborn Orphan
11 Mallory Told Me
12 Ocean Floor

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