Since Ritchie Blackmore‘s time with Deep Purple, he was  party to a string of well-received DP albums that included the highly favored Machine Head, and the best-selling live follow-up, Made In Japan. He exited the band in 1974 after Stormbringer. He then formed the equally popular band, Rainbow (or Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow), releasing a string of high-charting albums. Rainbow enjoyed the vocals of Ronnie James Dio for their first three classic sets. By 1997, Ritchie Blackmore had formed Blackmore’s Night with his now wife, Candice Night. This band has ten studio albums in release.

On March 12, Blackmore’s Night returns with an 11th studio album, Nature’s Light. earMUSIC Records will release the new 10-track set that includes a re-recording of the band’s earlier “Wish You Were Here”. There will be CD (digipak), a limited edition 2CD hardcover media book (with a collection of 9 classic Blackmore’s Night tracks), DD, and two limited edition 180g-weight vinyl LP issues, one on yellow vinyl, one on black vinyl.

“Nature’s Light” has been released as a single (hear below).

Nature’s LightBlackmore’s Night
01 Once Upon December
02 Four Winds
03 Feather In The Wind
04 Darker Shade Of Black
05 The Twisted Oak
06 Nature’s Light
07 Der Letztie Musketier
08 Wish You Were Here (2021)
09 Going To The Faire
10 Second Element

CD2 (Limited Edition Hardcover Mediabook Set)
01 Shadow Of The Moon
02 Under A Violet Moon
03 Storm
04 Way To Mandalay
05 Streets Of London
06 Empty Words
07 Believe In Me
08 Dancer And The Moon
09 All Our Yesterdays

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