In the early ’80s from 1981 with the release of their best-selling debut, Beauty and The Beat, The Go-Go’s were a celebrated girl band making music with the best of them. In 1984, the band released their third album, Talk Show, which underperformed and gave the band reason to dismantle. 17 years later, The Go-Go’s released their fourth album as a reformed band. It was called God Bless The Go-Go’s. In 2020, God Bless The Go-Go’s was reissued as a vinyl collector’s limited edition color LP. Now, let’s have a Deluxe Version of the album.

On May 14, Mercury Studios will revisit God Bless The Go-Go’s once again with a CD reissue of the title that was released as an International Edition with two bonus tracks (UK only single: “I Think I Need Sleep”, Japan only single: “King of Confusion”).

God Bless The Go-Go’s (2020 Deluxe Version) – The Go-Go’s
01 La La Land
02 Unforgiven
03 Apology
04 Stuck In My Car
05 Vision Of Nowness
06 Here You Are
07 Automatic Rainy Day
08 Kissing Asphalt
09 Insincere
10 Sonic Superslide
11 Throw Me A Curve
12 Talking Myself Down
13 Daisy Chain
Bonus Tracks
14 I Think I Need Sleep
15 King of Confusion

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2 thoughts on “God Bless The Go-Go’s To Be Reissued On Deluxe Version CD”
  1. The Go Go’s are the first all female band in the history of Billboard music charts to write their own songs and play their own instruments to every hit Number 1 and have officially made music history. They are are a damn good band and I’ve been a fan of The Go Go’s from the very start. Their first debut album was Beauty and the Beat in 1981 with the big hit singles Our Lips Are Sealed and We Got The Beat. Their second big hit album was Vacation released in 1982 with the hit singles Vacation along with Get Up And Go. Their 3rd hit album Talk Show released in 1984 included the hit Singles Head over Heels and Turn To You. They broke up in 1985 but did a reunion in 1990 with a collection of classic songs along with 4 new songs the hit CD called Return to the Valley of The Go Go’s which included the hit single The Whole World Lost It’s Head. Then in 2001 The Go Go’s released the semi hit album God Bless The Go Go’s which includes the hit single Unforgiven and now November 20, 2020 The Go Go’s released a brand new track Club Zero. How can you not love and respect this band? They still got it! Their official website is and have added some tour dates for 2021

  2. Lord I want to buy this cd,
    (Eagle Records Gives ‘God Bless The Go-Go’s’ Deluxe Reissue (ALBUM REVIEW)
    if you have it tell me how to buy it! and how to pay, I’m in Italy. thanks a greeting Gino

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