Black Sabbath has been getting Anniversary attention. Released in 1972, Vol. 4 will reach 50 in 2022. However, links have popped up with announcements for a Super Deluxe 4CD Box of Vol. 4 complete with new 2021 Steven Wilson remixes of outtakes from the classic album. The original album is remastered. (Best guess is that the original tapes of Vol. 4 were not available for Steven Wilson to remix, hence the remaster.)

Expect this set on February 12 of 2021. It is expected to also deliver as an all inclusive 5LP/4CD Box as well as the already mentioned 180g-weight 5LP, and 4CD Boxsets.

This 4CD Deluxe Edition Box adds a 1973 UK Live show for CD4, while CD3 and CD2 contain outtakes, alternate tracks, and an instrumental. The Steven Wilson mixes are on CD2 apart from the others that are found on CD3 as remastered. There will also be a 5LP Vinyl Box Set.

Vol. 4 (4CD Box with 2021 Remasters/Remixes) – Black Sabbath 

CD1 (Original Album Remastered for 2021)
01 Wheels of Confusion / The Straightener
02 Tomorrow’s Dream
03 Changes
04 FX
05 Supernaut
06 Snowblind
07 Cornucopia
08 Laguna Sunrise
09 St. Vitus Dance
10 Under the Sun / Every Day Comes and Goes

CD2 (Outtakes – Steven Wilson Mixes – 2021)
01 Wheels of Confusion / The Straightener
02 Changes
03 Supernaut
04 Snowblind
05 Laguna Sunrise
06 Under the Sun (Instrumental Mix)

CD3 (Outtakes, Alternate Takes)
01 Wheels of Confusion (False Start with Studio Dialogue)
02 Wheels of Confusion (Alternative Take 1)
03 Wheels of Confusion (Alternative Take 2)
04 Wheels of Confusion (Alternative Take 3)
05 Wheels of Confusion (Alternative Take 4)
06 The Straightener (Outtake)
07 Supernaut (Outtake)
08 Supernaut (Alternative Takes with False Starts)
09 Snowblind (Alternative Take 1)
10 Under the Sun (False Start with Studio Dialogue)
11 Under the Sun (Alternative Take with Guide Vocal)

CD4 (Live in the UK 1973 – Richard Digby Mix)
01 Tomorrow’s Dream
02 Sweet Leaf
03 War Pigs
04 Snowblind
05 Killing Yourself to Live
06 Cornucopia
07 Wicked World
08 Supernaut
09 Wicked World (Reprise)
10 Embryo
11 Children of the Grave
12 Paranoid

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  1. Wonder what the date is for the live show? Hope it’s not live at last….again.

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