Late ’70s English New Wave was added to with the arrival of Japan. This band featured David Sylvian, who changed the band to Rain Tree Crow before its demise back in 1991. Before they left for other fields, Japan issued five classic studio sets and one as Rain Tree Crow (for six). A handful of successful singles furthers the legacy of Japan.

On March 5, the third album from Japan, Quiet Life, originally issued in 1979, will be remembered with a 3CD/1LP Boxed set. The music will be half-speed remastered. The first CD contains the original album remastered as does the heavy-grade vinyl LP. CDs 2/3 contain a collection of alternative mixes, rarities, the remastered Live In Japan 4-track EP, and the rare Live At Budokan 16-performance track se from a March 1980 show. (Live in Japan was the cherry-pick of that live performance.)  1LP Editions include a red vinyl package, and a black vinyl package.

There will be a single CD issue of Quiet Life along with a 12-page booklet, and a single LP (heavyweight vinyl/gatefold jacket) with a four-page insert. DD will also be issued. All will feature photos, new liner notes, and more.

Of essential importance for US fans: there will only be 500 copies of the Box available for North America!

CD1/LP (Original Album Half-speed Remastered)
01 Quiet Life
02 Fall In Love With Me
03 Despair
04 In-Vogue
05 Halloween
06 All Tomorrow’s Parties
07 Alien
08 The Other Side Of Life

CD2 (A Quieter Life – Alternative Mixes/Rarities/Live In Japan EP)
Alternative Mixes & Rarities
01 European Son (Steve Nye 7” Remix 1982)
02 Life In Tokyo (Steve Nye 7” Special Remix 1982)
03 Quiet Life (Original German 7” Mix 1980)
04 I Second That Emotion (Steve Nye 7” Remix 1982)
05 All Tomorrow’s Parties (Steve Nye 7” Remix Version 1983)
06 European Son (John Punter 12” Mix 1980)
07 Life In Tokyo (Steve Nye 12” Special Remix Version 1982)
08 I Second That Emotion (Steve Nye 12” Remix Version 1982)
09 All Tomorrow’s Parties (Steve Nye 12” Remix Version 1983)
10 European Son (Steve Nye 12” Remix Version 1982)
11 Quiet Life (Japanese 7” Mix 1980)
12 A Foreign Place
13 All Tomorrow’s Parties (John Punter 7” Mix 1979)
14 Life In Tokyo (Theme Giorgio Moroder Version 1979)
15 Deviation
16 Obscure Alternatives
17 In Vogue
18 Sometimes I Feel So Low

CD3 (Live at BudokanMarch 27, 1980)
01 Intro
02 Alien
03 …Rhodesia
04 Quiet Life
05 Fall In Love With Me
06 Deviation
07 All Tomorrow’s Parties
08 Obscure Alternatives
09 In Vogue
10 Life In Tokyo
11 Halloween
12 Sometimes I Feel So Low
13 Communist China
14 Adolescent Sex
15 I Second That Emotion
16 Automatic Gun

By MARowe

17 thoughts on “UPDATE: Japan Album, Quiet Life, To Be Reissued In 3CD/1LP Box Remastered”
  1. I will stick with the MOV vinyl reissue that has the album remastered, 2LP set of 12 inchs and B sides. Only thing missing is a live album – big deal. Pass.

  2. The Amazon links you post don’t work, and you’re still the only site reporting this. Let us know if you hear any new facts.

  3. With interest in this product in the thousands, it is ignorant and asinine to offer only 500 units to the US. If you’re afraid about sales numbers then learn how to research. If you’re trying to use limited numbers to drive up the price then you’re just being JERKS.

    An example: Tower records thrived and prospered by selling high numbers at lower prices.

  4. This set was mentioned by Steve Jansen in a social media post on the 10th anniversary of Mick Karn’s death. No details, but it’s the closest thing to official confirmation I have seen so far.

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