For the holidays, many visible artists attempt at some point or another to issue a Christmas album. I myself have a string of XMas tracks that were recorded by favored bands and artists. Even good ole Bruce Springsteen hit paydirt with his rollicking version of “Santa Claus Is Coming To Down”. For this post, it’s Tori Amos with her latest entry. (Her first is Midwinter Graces, released in 2009.)

On December 4, Tori Amos (via Decca Records) will release a Christmas EP populated with 4 original tracks. It will be titled Christmastide. With the impact of the Covid pandemic, Tori felt it essential that she assemble a positive collection of songs to help ease the frustration.

The Christmastide EP will be issued on DD, and two limited edition vinyl packages. (The signed vinyl edition has already sold out.) There will be a Christmas card included.

ChristmastideTori Amos

01 Christmastide
02 Circle of Seasons
03 Holly
04 Better Angels

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