Robin Guthrie of Cocteau Twins fame, and famed ambient artist, Harold Budd first joined forces as Cocteau Twins and Harold Budd. That collaboration produced the beautiful, memorable, and haunting set, The Moon and The Melodies. This 1986 classic album is treasured by ambient pop fans and fans of both Harold Budd, and Cocteau Twins.

After the demise of Cocteau Twins, and in between collaborations with Brian Eno, Bill Nelson, Andy Partridge, Jah Wobble, and a wealth of personal ventures, Harold Budd worked with Robin Guthrie again on a 2005 soundtrack, and on well-received sets like After The Night Falls (2007), Before The Day Breaks (2007), Bordeaux (2011), and White Bird in a Blizzard (2014), among a few other projects not mentioned.

On December 4, Darla Records will release a previously recorded Guthrie/Budd project from 2013 that has remained unreleased until now. The album will feature 9 tracks. The new album is being appropriately called Another Flower. It will be released on CD and DD.

Another FlowerRobin Guthrie::Harold Budd

01 Some Smoke
02 Perfect Fire
03 Coral
04 November Day
05 After Dark
06 Pleasant, if Not a Little Deadly
07 Harlequin Delight
08 Very Slender Homage
09 Beau, as in Beaumont

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