Fleetwood Mac has a long, long beautiful existence. Before the massive success of their 1975 self-titled release (with Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks), the band had already gone through several key players within its already storied ranks. Those previous members include Danny Kirwan, Bob Welch, Peter Green, and a few more. With a collection of nine studio classics BEFORE the “white album”, there was a lot of Fleetwood Mac to go around before they were more widely recognized.

On August 7, Sony will dig in deep into the vaults to release a vinyl 3LP edition of Before The Beginning Volume 2: Live & Demo Sessions 1970. This follows the November, 2019 3LP release of Before The Beginning Volume 1: Live 1968. Volume 2 will be a 3LP vinyl release pulled from the 3CD collection called Before The Beginning 1968-1970:  Live & Demo Sessions that was released in November of 2019. All tracks are remastered.

We’re now caught up.

Before The Beginning Volume 2: Live & Demo Sessions 1970Fleetwood Mac
LP1 (Live)
Side A
01 Before The Beginning
02 Only You
03 Madison Blues (Version 2)
04 Can’t Stop Lovin’
05 The Green Manalishi (With the Two-Prong Crown)
Side B
01 Albatross
02 World in Harmony
03 Sandy Mary
04 Only You
05 World In Harmony (Version 2)

LP2 (Live)
Side A
01 I Can’t Hold Out
02 Oh Well (Part 1)
03 Rattlesnake Shake
Side B
01 Underway
02 Coming Your Way

LP3 (Live and Demos)
Side A
01 Homework [Live]
02 My Baby’s Sweet [Live]
03 My Baby’s Gone [Live]
04 You Need Love [Demo]
Side B
01 Talk With You [Demo]
02 If It Ain’t Me (GK Edit) [Demo]
03 Mean Old World [Demo]

By MARowe