Wishbone Ash is a band appreciated by many, but not appreciated by near enough people. From their start in 1970 with their self-titled debut, Wishbone Ash inserted into the annals of Rock a great catalog collection of excellent works. One of them is Live Dates (1973). 

On May 29, LMLR will reissue a 2LP vinyl edition of Live Dates. The original artwork is included in a gatefold jacket that houses both LPs, as well as printed inner sleeves. Setting the set apart (somewhat) are colored vinyl. The discs are presented in translucent blue and yellow vinyl. The label will feature the original MCA application. 

Personally, I have strong ideas about the classic that is Live Dates. Culled from four shows to create a cherry-picked 2LP set, Live Dates resonated with many fans. My personal take is for MCA/Universal to return to Live Dates, remaster it (I don’t care how), and deliver a Deluxe Edition of Live Dates with ALL four shows. Add to that, a new booklet of things related to that tour, and new notes, I think we have a winner!

By MARowe

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