Throughout the ’70s and into the ’80s, a a moderately known UK prog band known as Camel gave new fans something to enjoy with their second album, Mirage (1974), then knocking it out of  the park with its timeless follow-up, The Snow Goose in 1975. Over time, they released eleven more studio sets and a well-received live package, A Live Record (1978). Today, Camel is still warmly remembered for their compositions and stage shows.

On April 24, Camel Productions will release a 2CD live set of their September 17, 2018 set at the Royal Albert Hall in London. The 2CD set, called Camel at The Royal Albert Hall follows a DVD issue of the show, previously released in February of 2020. The tour, named Moonmadness, showcased the entirety of the Moonmadness album, and liberal sprinklings of oher classic Camel songs. 

The Camel lineup, varied over the decades, featured founder, Andrew Latimer, and long-time member, Colin Bass, along with two quite able musicians to complete the band. 

Camel At The Royal Albert Hall is a UK import title.

Camel At The Royal Albert HallCamel

01 Aristillis
02 Song Within A Song
03 Chord Change
04 Spirit Of The Water
05 Another Night
06 Air Born
07 Lunar Sea
01 Unevensong
02 Hymn To Her
03 End Of The Line
04 Coming Of Age
05 Rajaz
06 Ice
07 Mother Road
08 Hopeless Anger
09 Long Goodbyes
10 Lady Fantasy

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  1. I would like to correct that the RAH set present the Moonmadness album in its entirety, just like the name of the tour suggests, not The Snow Goose as stated here.

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