Lou Reed was a cultural phenomenon during his in Velvet Underground, and during his great solo  career. He’s released music that, over time, has become a signpost to not only the man himself, but also to a kind of music that is still embraced today. Lou was an exciting live performance with more live sets released than many artists have in a catalog. 

On March 20, a grey-market release of a 1974 live set from Lou’s Sally Can’t Dance tour will released in what will hopefully be a nice audio package.The album is called When Your Heart Turns To Ice. This album set contains 14 classic Lou Reed songs. The concert was drawn from a broadcast and was remastered. The set will contain a booklet with photos and a set of notes from Lou Reed‘s tour sound man. Personally, I feel that  Lou Reed’s Sally Can’t Dance Album was grossly underrated, I’m looking forward to this. The songs were drawn from the Felt Forum in NYC (Felt Forum was a small theater at Madison Square Garden located beneath the arena. It later changed names to The Paramount but is now known as Hulu Theater.). Some of the live tracks are from a Dayton, OH show.

When Your Heart Turns To Ice will be released on 2CD, DD, and 2LP vinyl in a gatefold package. 

When Your Heart Turns To IceLou Reed
01 Setting The Microphones
02 Introduction and Sweet Jane
03 Vicious
04 Ride Sally Ride
05 Heroin
06 Kill Your Sons
07 N.Y. Stars
01 Animal Language
02 I’m Waiting For My Man/Sally Can’t Dance medley
03 Walk On The Wild Side
04 White Light/White Heat
05 New York Conversation/Goodnight Ladies medley
06 Rock ‘N Roll

By MARowe

4 thoughts on “Lou Reed Live Set, When Your Heart Turns To Ice”
  1. This is just another one of those grey market radio broadcasts which seem to be popping up everywhere. It is easily available for free on the net and Lou’s family is guaranteed to not receive a penny for this.

    1. Thanks for that mate, I’ll look it up. The set list is pretty good. Do you know who’s in the band?

      1. Lou Reed—Vocal
        Danny Weis—Guitar/Backing Vocals
        Michael Fonfara—Keyboards/Backing Vocals
        Prakash John—Bass/Backing Vocals
        Mouse Johnson—Drums

    2. No wrong the tape is from Lou Reed s live sound engineer from that tour, not a radio broadcast
      i know I did the artwork

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