People who subscribe to the feed of the band My Chemical Romance on YouTube (and to their other social media) got a surprise yesterday – a short film.

The spooky clip initial looks like a trailer to an upcoming horror film, complete with occult imagery, vampire bars, bloody weddings, cold and creepy hospitals, and a trip in the desert before the bomb blast.

Fans of the band recognized each scene reenacting plot lines of MCR songs and album covers. The final scene of the clip leads the main character onto an arena stage, and then the itinerary of MCR’s U.S. leg of their reunion tour is revealed.

Long speculated upon, and even hinted at back in June 2019 on air by Joe Jonas, the rumors are now finally true.

While the goth-punk band has been out of commission, individual members have not, not the least of which being frontman Gerard Way who not only released a post-MCR album, Hesitant Alien (2014), but also became a comic book writer. Notably, his series The Umbrella Academy was adapted for a Netflix television series.

For a generation that grew up with pop-punk and emo, this is the equivalent of another generation experiencing a Roger Waters/David Gilmour/Nick Mason Pink Floyd reunion (minus the inter-band tensions). I don’t make the comparison lightly. The band’s 2006 album The Black Parade, famously drew inspiration from Pink Floyd’s The Wall in construction if not in content, and vaulted the group from any number of “guyliner” groups into a new strata of fame and success.

More information about the reunion tour can be found at their website:

By Dw Dunphy

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