The shine of the band, America, has long continued for fans. With a healthy catalog of single hits and popular albums, the band had much to display, and fans much to enjoy. After the hits are played though, big fans love a collection of inside material to hear development. In 2017, Omnivore Records delivered Heritage, a collection of demos from hot early America albums. The set was well-received. (Read TAP announcement here.)

On April 24, Omnivore returns to America with a new exploration of demos and alternate takes of released songs by the band. The new collection of previously unreleased demos and outtakes will concentrate on the era of Holiday (1974), Hearts (1975), and Hideaway (1976). Those albums delivered “Tin Man”, “Lonely People”, “Sister Golden Hair”, “Woman Tonight”, “Daisy Jane”, and “Today’s The Day”. This new 13-track collection of demos and outtakes will be known as Heritage II: Demos/Alternate Takes 1971-1976.

For Heritage II, the included booklet will add new notes by Gerry Beckley. It’s fun to note that the track, “Jamerooney” is a 13-minute acoustic guitar jam with the band.

Heritage II: Demos/Alternate Takes 1971-1976America
01 Cornwall Blank (Demo #2)
02 Jameroony (Acoustic Guitar Jam)
03 Mandy (Demo)
04 Tin Man (Track Mix with Backing Vocals)
05 What Does It Matter (Demo)
06 You (Vocal Strings excerpt)
07 Mad Dog (Demo/Track Mix with Backing Vocals)
08 Simple Life (Alternate Mix)
09 Lovely Night (Demo)
10 Today’s The Day (Alternate Mix)
11 Amber Cascades (Alternate Mix Take 3)
12 Letter (Alternate Mix)
13 Jet Boy Blue (Alternate Mix)
All Tracks Previously Unreleased

By MARowe