It is important for America fans to note that a collected batch of demos and home recordings, circa 1970-1973, will soon be made available to them. Filled with songs that were recorded prior to their success, including an early incarnation of “Ventura Highway”, you will be given a rare platter of America songs, many recorded at the Chalk Farm Studios (London) in 1970, and Buzz Studios (Gerry Beckley’s LA home studio) from 1972-1973.

America went on to become important world artists that gave us classic songs like “A Horse With No Name”, “Ventura Highway”, “Sandman”, “Sister Golden Hair”, “I Need You”, “Tin Man”, “You Can Do Magic”, well…you get the idea. There were a lot of great songs.

The new album is called Heritage – Home Recordings/Demos 1970-1973. It contains 16 tracks, ten of which are previously unreleased. Most of these tracks reflect music found on their first three Warner Brothers albums. There is even a hidden track bonus of “A Horse With No Name” sung ‘a cappella’. The included booklet contains new liner notes by Dewey Bunnell.

And while Omnivore is a testy label, I DO applaud them for this album’s upcoming release. Being a huge America fan, especially the period represented on this album, I look forward to this.

Heritage – Home Recordings/Demos 1970-1973America

01. Riverside (Demo – Chalk Farm Studios, 1970)
02. Here (Demo – Chalk Farm Studios, 1970)*
03. James Holladay (Demo – Chalk Farm Studios, 1970)
04. How Long (Demo – Chalk Farm Studios, 1970)*
05. Sea of Destiny (Demo – Chalk Farm Studios, 1970)*
06. Rainy Day (Alternate Mix – Chalk Farm Studios, 1970)
07. Satan(Donkey Jaw) (Demo – Chalk Farm Studios, 1970)
08. When I Was Five (Demo – Buzz Studios, 1972)*
09. Mitchum Junction (Demo – Buzz Studios, 1972)
10. Goodbye (Demo – Buzz Studios, 1972)*
11. Wind Wave (Demo – Buzz Studios, 1972)*
12. Ventura Highway (Early Take – Record Plant West, 1972)*
13. Man of Pride (Demo – Buzz Studios, 1973)*
14. Rainbow Song (Demo – Buzz Studios, 1973)
15. Monster (Demo – Buzz Studios, 1973)*

Hidden Track:

16. A Horse With No Name (A Cappella)

*Previously Unreleased

By MARowe