Every once in a while, a guy named Steven Wilson makes a group of fans deliriously happy. This is especially true if you happen to agree with Mr Wilson on bands that he loves (generally the only ones he’ll work with). In this case, it’s XTC, a band he has consistently worked with to remix their library of loved albums. A few days ago, SW took to social media to inform XTC fans that his next album to be released would be Black Sea.

Black Sea is XTC’s fourth album. Released in 1980, prior to English Settlement (1982), this album further helped to build on the growing love for this band. By 1980, XTC had released seven singles. Black Sea generated five hit singles all by its lonesome.

On November 10 (there is some rumor that this SW remix will be released later than this date. A page from Burning shed directly related to this release has been removed. So…who knows. We’ll stick with November 10 unless proven otherwise.), Black Sea will be released with the new Stereo remix, and a 5.1 Surround mix. As bonuses, there will be a selection of album-related material.

The CD/BD package will deliver the 2017 Stereo remix, a surround remix in 96kHz/24-bit LCPM version as well as a DTS-HD version in 96kHz/24-bit. A Stereo 96kHz/24-bit hi res is included on the BD. There will be additional songs from the sessions, as well as instrumental versions. Included will be demos (in mostly live form). There are three videos inclusions (“Towers of London”, “Generals & Majors”, “Respectable Street”).


By MARowe