The history of Steve  Hunter extends as far back as working for Mitch Ryder, to doing guitars for Alice Cooper, Lou Reed, and more currently, Deep Purple. But those are not even close to the amount of work he has done with some of the brightest talent in the world of Rock.  Among those you could list Aerosmith, Peter Gabriel, David Lee Roth, Bette Midler, Yvonne Elliman, Julian Lennon, Glen Campbell, and more than a few others.

Hunter delivered his first solo album, Swept Away, in 1977. From there, he has released five others within a span of the forty years he’s been involved in Rock music.

On September 25, Steve Hunter has released his latest album, Before The Lights Go Out. The title references his blindness due to pigmentary glaucoma, which has rendered him legally blind. The new album has ten tracks that are perfect reminders as to why Steve Hunter is one of the great guitarists in Rock music.

Check out a YouTube sampler of the new album below.


By MARowe