Wolfmother is a band that I’ve followed for a few years. Their music represented a nice signpost to the past and stayed forward moving enough to enjoy on its own merit. Since their formation in 2004, and their subsequent four album releases, their last under a major label umbrella, hey have done well. Surprisingly, an under the radar new release of their fifth album, Rock ‘n’ Roll Baby, was digitally released on December 29 in 2019.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Baby represents seven new tracks, all of which collectively clock in at less than 25 minutes. The band only retains original member, Andrew Stockdale. And so, for the sake of unaware Wolfmother fans on MusicTAP, I post this alert for you. To be fair, Stockdale has likely used the recording sessions represented here as a means to work through an ongoing sobriety attempt. And that’s ok by me.

Let’s consider Rock ‘n’ Roll Baby by Wolfmother as a bonus release. Or an EP. Whatever, it’s here for you. (I’ll let you know when physical product arrives, if it does.) 

By MARowe

One thought on “Wolfmother Release Digital Issue of Rock ‘N’ Roll Baby”
  1. I kind of lost interest in them. I loved Cosmic Egg but for some reason Victorious didn’t do it for me (perhaps I need to give that another listen) and Stockdale’s solo album was even less well received (by me at least). As a result I didn’t even check out the 4th album. I have to say that I did like the song Rock and Roll Survivor that you included in this article.

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