All bands had their generational style tied into the era that they recorded and performed. For Throwing Muses, that was the ’80s into the ’90s. With Kristin Hirsch and Tanya Donnelly at the wheels, Throwing Muses quickly gained a large following with the release of their 4AD debut in 1986.


On September 4, Throwing Muses (with longtime members, Kristin Hirsch, and David Narcizo, along with Bernard Georges, return with a new album, Sun Racket. The new album will contain ten new songs. A new song from the album (“Dark Blue”) can be heard below. 

Sun Racket will be available as CD, DD, standard black vinyl LP, and a limited edition violet-color vinyl LP.

Sun RacketThrowing Muses
01 Dark Blue
02 Bywater
03 Maria Laguna
04 Bo Diddley Bridge
05 Milk At McDonald’s
06 Upstairs Dan
07 St. Charles
08 Frosting
09 Kay Charles
10 Sue’s

By MARowe