Marillion has enjoyed a career with a devoted fanbase. Since the release of their 1983 gem, Script For A Jester’s Tear, Marillion has released 19 timely studio sets, each progressively explorative in its way. Their last release was With Friends From The Orchestra, delivered in 2019. In between, there has been an aggressive reissue campaign to create definitive editions of the band’s classic sets. Now, it’s time for another.

On April 3, Script For A Jester’s Tear will join a select group of Marillion updates (Misplaced Childhood, Brave, Afraid of Sunlight, Clutching At Straws) with a defining 4CD/1BD Deluxe Edition, and a 4LP vinyl set. That assembly will include a strong addition of bonus tracks that will deliver remixes, live tracks, an associated EP, and a brand new documentary to create boost.

This package that features the original classic album will provide a new Stereo mix, including for the added Market Square Heroes EP. Two of the CDs will present the previously unreleased live set from their 1982 show at The Marquee Club in London on December 29. The Blu-ray will increase the value with newly mixed 94k/24-bit Stereo audio versions of the original album, the live show, and the Market Square Heroes EP. Additionally, a 5.1 Surround version of the original album is here. The BD inclusion will be home to the new 90-minute documentary, Sackcloth & Greasepaint. Of course, the booklet will be a thing of beauty.

Script For A Jester’s TearMarillion
4CD/1BD Deluxe Edition – 2020

CD1 (Script For A Jester’s Tear 2020 Stereo Remix)
01 Script For A Jester’s Tear
02 He Knows You Know
03 The Web
04 Garden Party
05 Chelsea Monday
06 Forgotten Sons

CD2 (Market Square Heroes 2020 Stereo Remix)
01 Market Square Heroes
02 Three Boats Down From The Candy
03 Grendel
04 Charting The Single

CD3 (Live At The Marquee Club [London] – December 29, 1982)
01 Garden Party
02 Three Boats Down From The Candy
03 Grendel
04 Chelsea Monday
05 He Knows You Know

CD4 (Live At The Marquee Club [London] – December 29, 1982)
01 The Web
02 Script For A Jester’s Tear
03 Forgotten Sons
04 Market Square Heroes
05 Margaret

01 Sackcloth & Greasepaint: The Story of Script For A Jester’s Tear
02 Script For A Jester’s Tear (2020 Stereo Remix (96k 24-bit))
03 Script For A Jester’s Tear (2020 5.1 Surround Remix)
04 Market Square Heroes EP (2020 Stereo Remix (96k 24-bit))
05 Live At The Marquee Club (2020 Stereo Remix (96k 24-bit))

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