As Punk took its hold on the world, many great pioneers began to surface, From Buzzcocks‘ inception to their debut 1977 4-track EP, Spiral Scratch, on through to their three classic LPs before their breakup and a Pete Shelley solo career, as well as a lucrative Howard DeVoto attachment to the classic pot-punk Magazine band (DeVoto left Buzzcocks just after the release of Spiral Scratch.), things consistently changed and Buzzcocks did well.

On May 29, Cherry Red UK will reach into the late-era Buzzcocks vaults and assemble a nice post-classic era 8CD Box called Sell You Everything: 1991-2014 [Albums, Singles, Rarities, Unreleased]. This box will provide 160 tracks from their ’90s and ’00s period. Additionally, a collection of 29 previously unreleased bonus tracks is included. As a nice inclusion, the previously unreleased 1991 Demo Album is here on the lead off CD. A re-recorded collection  of classic-era Buzzcocks (here as A Different Compilation) is meant to ease the lack of those early albums. (WHAT?! No “Sitting ‘Round At Home”?! I’ll FIX that below! Listen!) A great and stuffed booklet is packed in.

Sell You Everything Box (8CD) – Buzzcocks
CD1 (The 1991 Demo Album)
01 Dreamin’
02 Alive Tonight
03 Never Gonna Give It Up
04 Wallpaper World
05 Successful Street
06 Who’ll Help Me To Forget
07 Serious Crime
08 Why Compromise
09 Last To Know
10 Run Away From Home
11 Searching For Your Love
12 Tranquilizer
13 When Love Turns Around You
Bonus Tracks
14 All Over You (Demo)
15 Isolation (Demo)
16 Trash Away (Demo)
17 Inside (Demo)
18 Alive Tonight (EP Version)
19 Serious Crime (EP Version)
20 Last To Know (EP Version)
21 Successful Street (EP Version)

CD2 (Trade Test Transmission – 1993)
Bonus Tracks
16 Inside
17 Libertine Angel
18 Roll It Over
19 Excerpt from Prison Riot Hostage – Somewhere In The World
20 Energy (Home Demo)
21 It’s Alright (Home Demo)
22 Take Your Life (Home Demo)
23 Somewhere In The World (Home Demo)

CD3 (All Set – 1996)
Bonus Tracks
14 Without You (Demo)
15 Your Love (Demo)
16 Give It To Me (Demo)
17 Kiss ‘N Tell (Demo)

CD4 (Modern – 1999)
Bonus Tracks
15 Here Come The Nice
16 Autumn Stone – Stevie’s Buzz

CD5 (Buzzcocks – 2003)
Bonus Tracks
13 Don’t Come Back
14 Never Believe It (Demo)
15 Paradise (Live)
16 Oh Shit! (Live)

CD6 (Flat-Pack Philosophy – 2006)
Bonus Tracks
15 See Through You
16 Holding Me Down
17 Every Day and Every Night (Demo)
18 Don’t Matter What You Say
19 Orion
20 Darker By The Hour
21 Love Battery (Live)
22 Sixteen (Live)

CD7 (A Different Compilation)
01 Boredom
02 Fast Cars
03 I Don’t Mind
04 Autonomy
05 Get On Our Own
06 What Ever Happened To?
07 When Love Turns Around You
08 Why She’s A Girl From The Chainstore
09 Why Can’t I Touch It
10 Alive Tonight
11 I Don’t Know What To Do With My Life
12 You Say You Don’t Love Me
13 Turn Of The Screw
14 Noise Annoys
15 Breakdown
16 Promises
17 Love You More
18 What Do I Get
19 Harmony In My Head
20 Oh Shit!
21 Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn’t’ve)?
22 Orgasm Addict
23 I Believe
24 Love Is Lies

CD8 (The Way – 2014)
Bonus Tracks
11 Generation Suicide
12 Dream On Baby
13 Happy
14 Disappointment
15 In The Back (Home Demo)
16 Dancing At Dawn (Home Demo)
17 Can You Dig Me? (Home Demo)

By MARowe