When you think early David Bowie, especially The Spiders From Mars. it’s nearly impossible to separate Mick Ronson from the band. But as most things do, David Bowie was changing skins and opted to fold that era. With that, Mick Ronson was no longer an integral part of the Bowie universe. After dissolution, Mick Ronson recorded his first solo album, Slaughter  On 10th Avenue (1974). 

The UK was a vibrant market that was receptive to so many artists whereas the US was finicky and picky. Slaughter on 10th Avenue was a hit, pegging in at #9 on the UK charts. His follow-up, Play Don’t Worry (1975) charted at a respectable 29. But that was the last solo effort from Mick Ronson in his lifetime (Heaven and Hull) [1994] was released posthumously. Ronson died in 1993 at age 46.

On November 29, Cherry Red (UK), will release a 4CD box that will collect his two RCA solo albums, as well as generous selection of demos, live tracks, and isolated rarities. The 4CD Box is being called Only After Dark: The Complete Mainman Recordings.

Only After Dark: The Complete Mainman RecordingsMick Ronson

CD1 (Slaughter On 10th Avenue, Bonus Tracks)
01 Love Me Tender 
02 Growing Up, And I’m Fine
03 Only After Dark
04 Music Is Lethal
05 I’m The One
06 Pleasure Man/Hey Ma Get Papa
07 Slaughter On 10th Avenue
Bonus Tracks
08 Leave My Heart Alone (Single – 1974 )
09 Slaughter On 10th Avenue (Solo guitar sections)
10 Love Me Tender (Live at the Rainbow – London 1974)
11 Slaughter On 10th Avenue (Live at the Rainbow – London 1974)
12 ‘Teen Magazine Interview (Spoken Word) [Flexi-Disc – 1974]
13 Slaughter On 10th Avenue (Live in Hamburg)
14 Angel #9 (Live at the Ford Auditorium – 1979)
15 F.B.I. (Live in NYC – 1979)

CD2 (Play Don’t Worry, Bonus Tracks)
01 Billy Porter
02 Angel No, 9
03 This Is For You
04 White Light/White Heat
05 Play Don’t Worry
06 Hazy Days
07 Girl Can’t Help It
08 Empty Bed (Io Me Ne Andrei)
09 Woman
Bonus Tracks
10. Seven Days (B-Side Single)
11. 28 Days Jam
12. Stone Love (Soul Love)
13. I’d Rather Be Me
Demos (1975)
14. Life on Mars 
15. Pain In The City
16. Dogs (French Girl)
17. Woman (Alternate Version)
18. Seven Days (Alternate Version)

CD3 (1976 Sessions Tracks)
01 All Night Long
02 I’d Give Anything To See You
03 Takin’ A Train
04 Hard Life
05 (I’m Just A) Junkie For Your Love
06 Crazy Love
07 Hey Grandma
08 Is That Any Way
09 I’ve Got No Secrets
10 Hard Headed Woman
11 Roll Like The River
12 Angel No. 9
Bonus Tracks
13 Junkie (Demo)
14 All Night Long (Demo)
15 Ronno’s Bar & Grill (Studio Outtake)

CD4 (Rarities)
Demos – 1976
01. Hey Grandma
02. Crazy Love
03. Hard Life (Ballad Version)
04. I’d Give Anything To See You
05. Takin’ The Next Train
Live at Buffalo Century Theatre – 1976
06. Crazy Love
07. Hey Grandma
08. (Takin’ a) Train
09. Junkie
10. I’d Give Anything (To See You)
11. Hard Life
12. All Night Long

By MARowe