When Interpol popped into the stream of Rock and Roll back in 2002 with the debut of their now classic set, Turn On The Bright Lights, they were well received with open arms. Their music helped to herald the new music of the new century. Although their sound could be raced back to the memorable sounds of the ’80s, it was nonetheless a refreshing arrival. Thus far, Interpol has delivered six studio sets with Marauder being their latest release in 2018. But creativity doesn’t know quit and so fans of Interpol will be getting lucky with an EP of more songs.

On May 17, Matador Records will release a new five-track Interpol EP called A Fine Mess. A Fine Mess is a small collection of interim songs that deserved to be released to fans that deserved to enjoy them. 

A Fine Mess is being released on a limited edition CD (only 3500 to be released), DD, and a limited edition vinyl edition.

A Fine Mess EP – Interpol

01 Fine Mess
02 No Big Deal
03 Real Life
04 The Weekend
05 Thrones

By MARowe