When New Wave was finding its footing back in the latter parts of the ’70s, a band going by the name of Pearl Harbor and The Explosions was enjoying a bit of success on stage. With the release of the band’s eponymous debut release in 1980, they gained a wave of fans with their Top40 single, “Drivin'”.  For the band, success was a short road for their Pop/Rock outing. But they still left a mark for those who loved the band’s Warner Brothers album.

On April 12, a digitally remastered and expanded reissue of Pearl Harbor and The Explosions will be released. A collection of bonus tracks and promos from the band’s pre-WB Records affiliation include a few live performance tracks, a radio spot, a non-LP B-side to “Drivin'”, and the original ‘first’ recording of “Drivin'” as issued by 415 Records, and its accompanying 415 B-side (“Release It”).

The Blixa Sounds reissued CD will come with a 16-page booklet with photos, new notes, and credits.

Pearl Harbor and The ExplosionsPearl Harbor and the Explosions

01 Drivin’
02 You Got It (Release It)
03 Don’t Come Back
04 Keep Going
05 Shut Up and Dance
06 The Big One
07 So Much for Love
08 Get A Grip on Yourself
09 Up and Over
Bonus Tracks
10 Busy Little B Side (Non-LP B-Side)
11 Drivin’ (Original 415 Records Single Version)
12 Release It (Original 415 Records Single Version)
Live Tracks – 1979
13 Let’s Eat
14 Black Slacks
15I Can Feel the Fire
16 1979 Radio Spot 

By MARowe