The Rolling Stones is as weather-beaten a band in the annals of Rock and Roll as you can get. And despite the perpetual and dedicated stream of consistent Rolling Stones PR, new releases and all, the band has rightfully developed their place in RnR history with all of that.

It’s highly unfortunate that the band no longer has the ear of a generation with new material that graces the top spots as they used to. But they’re still here. And they still sell. A lot. Which brings us to a rumor floating around that you may dismiss…or not, depending on your level of involvement. The rumor is that of a new ‘best of’ collection being released.

Please treat this information (and cover as well even though there is a copy of the same cover at Rolling as rumor until official word comes out, IF it comes out: On April 19, a 3CD set and a 3LP (Limited Edition) collection called Honk (or Honk Ltd)are said to be in the planning stages of issuance with an assembled 36 tracks of well known Stones classics. A proposed Deluxe Edition will add in a collection of live performance tracks with other artists that include Ed Sheeran, Florence Welch, Brad Paisley, and Dave Grohl.

Again…PLEASE treat as rumor, albeit a potentially cool one if the Limited Edition 3LP set is in the mix.

HonkThe Rolling Stones (listed as 3LP track listing)

Side A
01 Start Me Up
02 Brown Sugar
03 Rocks Off
04 Miss You
05 Tumbling Dice
06 Just Your Fool
Side B
01 Wild Horses
02 Fool to Cry
03 Angie
04 Beast of Burden
05 Hot Stuff
06 It”s Only Rock’n’Roll (But I Like It)

Side C
01 Rock and a Hard Place
02 Doom and Gloom
03 Love is Strong
04 Mixed Emotions
05 Don’t Stop
06 Ride’ Em On Down
Side D
01 Bitch
02 Harlem Shuffle
03 Hate to See You Go
04 Rough Justice
05 Happy
06 Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)
07One More Shot

Side E
01 Respectable
02 You Got Me Rocking
03 Rain Fall Down
04 Dancing With Mr D
05 Undercover (Of The Night)
06 Emotional Rescue
Side F
01 Waiting on a Friend
02 Saint of Me
03 Out of Control
04 Streets of Love
05 Out of Tears

Deluxe Edition Live LP Inclusion (deluxe edition only):
Side A
01 Get Off of My Cloud
02 Dancing With Mr D
03 Beast of Burden (with Ed Sheeran)
04 She’s a Rainbow
05 Wild Horses (with Florence Welch)
Side B
01 Let’s Spend the Night Together
02 Dead Flowers (with Brad Paisley)
03 Shine A Light
04 Under My Thumb
05 Bitch (with Dave Grohl)

(Thanks to the Rolling Stones Data Facebook page (here) for the indirect alert.)

By MARowe