Lycia resurrected after a ten year layoff releasing the profound  Quiet Moments album. Once they were back, the creative stream intensified providing adequately for the releases of A Line That Connects, and the most recent (and compelling) album, In Flickers. Lycia albums have a tendency to sell out in their first pressing, sometimes remaining “Out of Print – OOP” for quite a long time. This occurred with Lycia’s A Line That Connects. With a still hungry Lycia audience ravenous for back catalog, Projekt Records will reissue A Line That Connects as well as provide a limited supply of color vinyl for the title.

On May 31, Projekt Records will reissue A Line That Connects on CD and a limited edition translucent blue, black smoke  2LP 14og-weight vinyl set. The CD will be presented in a 4-panel digipak.

Lycia has long been an atmospheric band of extraordinary musical importance. With their resurgence, they have created some of their most intriguing and evolving works filtering through all dimensions of existence.

You can pre-order here.

A Line That ConnectsLycia

01 The Fall Back
02 Monday Is Here
03 Silver Leaf
04 A Trade Out
05 Blue
06 An Awakening
07 The Rain
08 Bright Like Stars
09 The Light Room
10 Illuminate
11 A Ghost Ascends
12 Hiraeth
13 Autumn Moon
14 The Only Way Through Is Out

By MARowe