Perhaps one of the more influential guitarists that not a lot of people know of is Steve Hackett, ex- of Genesis, prior to …And Then There Were Three (1978) beginning with Genesis’ third album, Nursery Cryme (1971). Yes, Genesis fans know him all too well and for great reasons. He’s extraordinary in his guitar skills and his compositions. He has released a long string of solo works that began with Voyage of the Acolyte (1975) up through his most recent, The Night Siren, from 2017. His is no shadowing of weak music. To underscore my last statement, please watch Hackett’s masterful and hypnotic guitar play of “Cinema Paradiso” below.

On January 25, 2019, Steve Hackett will provide his fans with his 26th solo effort, At The Edge Of Light. With ten new tracks, Steve Hackett will provide a ranging collection of songs that go from Rock to world music influences, and to the orchestrated style that we know him to produce.

At The Edge Of Light will be provided on CD, CD/DVD Deluxe (with 5.1 Surround Sound mix, and a  ‘making of’ documentary), 2LP vinyl (with CD), and DD.

At The Edge Of LightSteve Hackett

01 Fallen Walls and Pedestals
02 Beasts In Our Time
03 Under The Eye of the Sun
04 Underground Railroad
05 Those Golden Wings
06 Shadow and Flame
07 Hungry Years
08 Descent
09 Conflict
10 Peace

By MARowe