Today’s Gang of Four has only Andy Gill within its music creativity core who is also an original founder of the band. The rest have gone on to different things although they have toured with the band in the not too distant past. But today’s Gang of Four still has excellent music coming out. Their most recent set was the digital-only EP, Complicit, which was released earlier in 2018. The promise was that a new album would closely follow the EP. Now comes the promised music albeit a little later than the once stated “summer (2018)”, and at some points once promised for September of 2018.

On February 19, 2019 , this latest incarnation of Gang of Four will deliver a new album being called Happy Now. Little other than release date, and name of album is offered at this point in time. Even the “current” plain yellow cover art is a placeholder for possible change. It’s still good to know that new Gang of Four music is imminent.

Happy Now will be released on CD, DD, and on black vinyl LP. Bundles are being offered on PledgeMusic that include tees, and tour posters (the band is currently on a European tour).

More information will follow as the information expands, and a lead-off single arrives.


By MARowe