Coming October 5 via Concord Records. More information to be announced when we get it.

MusicTAP was tipped off that mysteriously appeared online.

Since then, there’s been a steady trickle of information coming from his camp – an album cover image, word that a pre-order appeared in the Japanese market, a stream of what was purported to be a new song. And now, a video for that new song has been officially issued.

“No Erasin'” is the first single from the forthcoming Traces album.

Although his hiatus has been markedly prolonged, Perry’s efforts with Journey, specifically the seemingly deathless “Don’t Stop Believin’,” has kept him in the public consciousness for well over forty years. He’s been slightly more visible in the past five years than he was even during the time of his last solo record from 1994, For The Love Of Strange Medicine. He magically appeared at a concert with Eels where he took the mic to sing one of E’s most infamous tracks.

You can see for yourself what’s going on at

By Dw Dunphy

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