When Golden Earring released “Radar Love” back in 1973, they grabbed a helping of newfound fans worldwide. Suddenly, Golden Earring was a band to pay close attention to. But despite the thrill that “Radar Love” provided, in both its long LP cut and its subsequent shortened radio edit, the band was unable to replicate the success of that song. Nevertheless, they kept a strong hold on fans who loved Moontan, fans who continues for a time after the release of that legendary album. (The US issue of Moontan, with a different cover, carried five tracks, while the UK release contained six songs, and sported a more risque cover.)

One of the things that Golden Earring was big on was their live sets. Over time, they released nine live albums, two of which charted in the US market. From their first, entitled LIVE, issued in 1977 to their recent 2016 issue of Five Zero, Golden Earring does live performance well.

On September 28, the UK market will release an 11CD Box set of live Golden Earring sets that will contain a CD of collected live rarities and a CD of selected live tracks from other sets. The box will provide digipak collections of seven of their live sets from 1977’s LIVE through Naked III – Live At The Panama (2005) and adding some from later sets. (See listing below.) It is being called Alive…Through The Years (1977-2015).

A 32-page booklet will accompany the box with in-depth discussion of the various live sets, along with new notes, and historic photographs.

Alive…Through The Years (1977-2015)Golden Earring

LIVE – 1977
01. Candy’s Going Bad
02. She Flies On Strange Wings
03. Mad Lover’s Coming
04. Eight Miles High
05. Vanilla Queen
01. To The Hill
02. Fighting Windmills
03. Con Man
04. Radar Love
05. Just Like Vince Taylor

2nd LIVE – 1981
01. Don’t Stop The Show
02. My Town
03. No For Answer
04. Heartbeat
05. Save Your Skin
06. I Don’t Wanna Be Nobody Else
07. Long Blond Animal
08. Prisoner Of The Night
09. Weekend Love
10. Sleepwalkin’
11. I Do Rock ‘n Roll
12. Slow Down
13. Buddy Joe
14. Back Home

Something Heavy Going Down – 1984
01. Long Blond Animal
02. Twilight Zone
03. When The Lady Smiles
04. Future
05. Something Heavy Going Down
06. Enough Is Enough
07. Mission Impossible
08. Clear Night Moonlight

The Naked Truth – 1992
01. Introduction
02. Jangalene
03. Another 45 Miles
04. Mad Love’s Comin’
05. Why Do I
06. I Can’t Sleep Without You
07. Weekend Love
08. Vanilla Quee
09. Twilight Zone
10. One Shot Away From Paradise
11. Long Blond Animal
12. Pouring My Heart Out Again
13. Radar Love
14. Eight Miles High
15. The Naked Truth

Naked II – 1997
01. Who Do You Love
02. Buddy Joe
03. She Flies On Strange Wings
04. Quiet Eyes
05. Going To The Run
06. Bombay
07. Burning Stuntman
08. Mood Indigo
09. Where Will I Be
10. This Wheel’s On Fire
11. Johnny Make Believe
12. When The Lady Smiles
13. The Devil Made Me Do

Naked III: Live At The Panama (2005)
01. Angel
02. Turn The World Around
03. Just Like Vince Taylor
04. I’ve Just Lost Somebody
05. Sleepwalking
06. Need Her
07. The Thief
08. I Need Love
09. Kill Me (Ce Soir)
10. Paradise In Distress
11. Albino Moon
12. Lost And Found
13. Hold Me Now
14. Colour Blind
15. Will & Mercy
16. No For An Answer
17. Last Frontier Hotel
18. Holy Holy Life

1. In A Bad Mood (Live at Leidsekade Live 1991)
2. Back Home (Live Naked)
3. Just A Little Bit Of Peace In My Heart (Live Naked)
4. Jangalene (Live Naked)
5. Don’t Stop The Show (Live Naked)
6. As Long As The Wind Blows (Live Veronica Beachtour 1983)
7. Please Go / Sound Of The Screaming Day (Live Veronica Beachtour 1983)
8. Murdock 9 6182 (Live Veronica Beachtour 1983)
9. Save Your Skin (Naked Live)

Last Blast Of The Century – 2000
1. Just Like Vince Taylor
2. Heartbeat
3. Another 45 Miles
4. Long Blond Animal
5. Liquid Soul
6. The Fighter
7. Hold Me Now
8. Gambler’s Blues
9. Twilight Zone
10. Evil Love Chain
11. Take My Hand, Close My Eyes
12. One Night Without You
13. Paradise In Distress
01. In A Bad Mood
02. Making Love To Yourself
03. Whisper In A Crowd
04. Going To The Run
05. Distant Love
06. She Flies On Strange Wings
07. Burning Stuntman
08. The Devil Made Me Do It
09. Johnny Make Believe
10. When The Lady Smiles
11. Legalize Telepathy
12. Radar Love
13. I Can’t Sleep Without You

Alive…Through The Years [Live Rarities]
1. Back Home (Live At Campusfestival 1991)
2. Yellow And Blue (Live Face It Tour 1994)
3. When I Was Young (Live At Paradiso 1996)
4. This Wheel’s On Fire (Live At Paradiso 1996)
5. Leather (Live Arnhem 1996)
6. Are You Receiving Me (Live Arnhem 1996)
7. The Hammer Of Love (Live Evers Staat Op)
8. Lost And Found (Live Tros Gouden Uren)
9. Albino Moon (Live Evers Staat Op)
10. Smoking Cigarettes (Live in Ahoy, 2006)
11. Just A Little Bit Of Peace In My Heart (Live in Ahoy, 2006)
12. Kill Me (Ce Soir) (Live in Ahoy, 2006)
13. Identical (Five Zero at the Ziggo Dome 2015)
14. Je Regrette (Five Zero at the Ziggo Dome 2015)

By MARowe