With a fondness for music that traveled in a thousand directions, I rarely delved too deeply into styles of enjoyable sounds. As such, I was lucky to have sampled a wealth of music that gave me a chance to explore more deeply than I might have otherwise. Radio was ESSENTIAL! Stations that were exploratory by nature – like WXRT (Chicago) was back in the ’70s and ’80s – were my tethered spots. One such band I discovered via WXRT was Nazareth. To me, they were set apart with an extraordinary blend of vocal style, instrument mastery, excellent song-craft, and the enviable ability to fill an album to the teeth with great music.

On September 28, Nazareth in conjunction with BMG, will release a box of classic sets in new remastering, on CD and vinyl LP, and pack in six CDs of bonus and rare music including singles, B-sides, and other collected pieces. Also included will be a 52-page hard bound book. Plus, 7″ vinyl singles, and a few bonus memorabilia interests (Program, poster, stickers, and lyric sheets replicas. All in all, twenty-five studio and live packages will be included. The bad news? Not every country, including the US, are able to ‘easily’ snag a copy…at least not yet. To date, if you’re in a region unable to get to the order page of the band’s website, you don’t even get to see – for curiosity’s sake – anything at all about the package.

There will also be a truncated 3CD package as well as a 2LP set.

Eventually, (I hope) the US (and other markets) will get the ability to pick up copies of this collection without the need to order import. I’ll repost when that happens.

Loud & Proud 3CD – Nazareth

01. Dear John
02. Spinning Top
03. Hard Living
04. Called Her Name
05. Razamanaz
06. Alcatraz
07. Vigilante Man
08. Bad Bad Boy
09. Broken Down Angel
10. This Flight Tonight
11. Not Faking It
12. Go Down Fighting
13. Shanghai’d In Shanghai
14. Silver Dollar Forger
15. Love Hurts
16. Hair of the Dog
17. Beggars Day/Rose In the Heather
18. My White Bicycle (Unplugged)
19. Holy Roller

01. Carry Out Feelings
02. Telegram Parts 1 – 4
03. I Want to Do Everything for You (2010 – Remaster)
04. I Don’t Want to Go On Without You
05. Good Love
06. Expect No Mercy
07. Gone Dead Train
08. Place In Your Heart
09. May the Sunshine
10. Whatever You Want Babe (2010 – Remaster)
11. Just to Get Into It
12. Holiday (Single Edit)
13. Heart’s Grown Cold
14. Dressed to Kill (Single Edit)
15. Moonlight Eyes
16. Cocaine (Live)
17. Crazy (A Suitable Case for Treatment)
18. Dream On
19. Love Leads to Madness
20. Mexico

01. Where Are You Now
02. Sweetheart Tree
03. Just Another Heartache
04. See You See Me (Demo from Snakes ‘n’ Ladders)
05. The Rowan Tree / Tell Me That You Love Me
06. Hire and Fire
07. Right Between the Eyes
08. Steamroller
09. Burning Down
10. When the Light Comes Down
11. Danger Danger
12. Enough Love
13. Road Trip
14. Big Dogz Gonna Howl
15. Lifeboat
16. Open Up Woman (Acoustic)
17. God of the Mountain
18. Punch a Hole In the Sky


By MARowe