After the rise of KISS on the Casablanca label, it was the sworn intent of label head, Neil Bogart, to bring the label into contention with the top ones of the time. And it did well. One of the bands that it signed was a Washington DC-based rock outfit called Angel. They released a great debut with their self-titled studio set. On their third album (On Earth As It Is In Heaven – 1977), they enjoyed some radio success with “That Magic Touch”. By the end of their run, they had released six studio sets, and a Casablanca-era live set, Live Without A Net (1980). Aside from assorted solo efforts from some band members (Gregg Guiffria went on to form House of Lords, and Guiffria), there were not any continuance after the 1999 attempt with In The Beginning.

On August 31, Mercury Records will release a 7CD Box, Angel-The Casablanca Years that will feature all of the label’s Angel albums including Live Without A Net. An extra CD will be packed in with the box set that will provide a collection of rare song edits and alternate versions. The box will add in a 28-page booklet with photos, memorabilia, notes by Dave Reynolds detailing the history of the band, and credits.

To date, there isn’t a track list although it’s the bonus disc that we all want to know the content of. And no cover art. I’ll update after I acquire the track-list and cover shot.

Enjoy, Angel fans.

Angel – The Casablanca YearsAngel
CD1 (Angel – 1975)
01. Tower
02. Long Time
03. Rock & Rollers
04. Broken Dreams
05. Mariner
06. Sunday Morning
07. On & On
08. Angel (Theme)

CD2 (Helluva Band – 1976)
01. Feelin’ Right
02. The Fortune
03. Anyway, You Want It
04. Dr. Ice
05. Mirrors
06. Feelings
07. Pressure Point
08. Chicken Soup
09. Angel Theme

CD3 (On Earth As It Is In Heaven – 1977)
01. Can You Feel It
02. She’s A Mover
03. Big Boy (Let’s Do It Again)
04. Telephone Exchange
05. White Lightning
06. On The Rocks
07. You’re Not Fooling Me
08. That Magic Touch
09. Cast The First Stone
10. Just A Dream

CD4 (White Hot – 1978)
01. Don’t Leave Me Lonely
02. Ain’t Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore
03. Hold Me, Squeeze Me
04. Over And Over
05. Under Suspicion
06. Got Love If You Want It
07. Stick Like Glue
08. Flying With Broken Wings (Without You)
09. You Could Lose Me
10. The Winter Song

CD5 (Sinful – 1979)
01. Don’t Take Your Love
02. L.A. Lady
03. Just Can’t Take It
04. You Can’t Buy Love
05. Bad Time
06. Waited A Long Time
07. I’ll Bring the Whole World to Your Door
08. I’ll Never Fall In Love Again
09. Wild And Hot
10. Lovers Live On

CD6 (Live Without A Net – 1980)
01. Tower
02. Can You Feel It
03. Don’t Leave Me Lonely
04. Telephone Exchange
05. I Ain’t Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore
06. Over and Over
07. Anyway, You Want It
08. On the Rocks
09. Wild & Hot
10. All the Young Dudes
11. Rock & Rollers
12. White Lightning
13. Hold Me, Squeeze Me
14. Got Love If You Want It
15. Feelin’ Right
16. 20th Century Foxes

CD7 (Bonus Disc)
01. Rock & Rollers – Mono Mix
02. That Magic Touch – Mono Mix
03. Winter Song – Mono Mix
04. Flying With Broken Wings (Without You) – Mono Mix
05. Don’t Leave Me Lonely – Mono Mix
06. Don’t Take Your Love – Mono Mix
07. 20th Century Foxes – Mono Mix
08. Rock & Rollers – Single Edit
09. On & On – Single Edit
10. Tower – Single Edit
11. Don’t Leave Me Lonely – Single Edit
12. 20th Century Foxes – Stereo Edit
13. Better Days – Single B
14. Walk Away Renee – Anthology
15. Virginia – Foxes Soundtrack
16. 20th Century Foxes – Foxes Soundtrack
17. The Christmas Song – Single Edit


By MARowe