If you were a fan of the frenetic cover of  “Roll Over Beethoven” and the band that recorded it, then you likely rode the crest of a long-running string of hits and albums that Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) made over a period of about fifteen years (not counting Zoom, or Alone In The Universe). And while I don’ claim to be a fan throughout the band’s first run, that doesn’t discount any of their millions of fans who were fans or any of the music the band created along that storied way.


On September 21, those fans will be given the opportunity to collect within a single box, the first fifteen singles with their accompanying B-sides, and a 4-track EP (two per side). All of these were recorded from 1972 through 1978. All of these 7″ 45s vinyl singles (and EP) and be collected in a Boxed set being called The UK Singles, Volume One: 1972-1978.

All vinyl singles (and EP) will be housed in the original artwork sleeves. All songs are newly remastered from the original analog masters. The add of ‘Volume One’ indicates a second volume in the wings.

The UK Singles, Volume One: 1972-1978Electric Light Orchestra (ELO)

Disc 1: 10538 Overture b/w First Movement (Jumping Biz)* (1972 – U.K. No. 9)

Disc 2: Roll Over Beethoven** b/w Queen Of The Hours (1973 – U.K. No. 6)

Disc 3: Showdown b/w In Old England Town (Instrumental) (1973 – U.K. No. 12)

Disc 4: Ma-Ma-Ma Belle b/w Oh No Not Susan (1974 – U.K. No. 22)

Disc 5: Can’t Get It Out Of My Head b/w Illusions In G Major (1974)

Disc 6: Evil Woman b/w 10538 Overture (live) (1974 – U.K. No. 10)

Disc 7: Nightrider b/w Daybreaker (live)(1976)

Disc 8: Strange Magic b/w Showdown (live) (1976 – U.K. No. 38)

Disc 9: Livin’ Thing b/w Fire On High (1976 – U.K. No. 4)

Disc 10: Rockaria! b/w Poker (1976 – U.K. No. 9)

Disc 11: Telephone Line b/w Poor Boy (The Greenwood) / King Of The Universe (1977 – U.K. No. 8)

Disc 12: Turn To Stone b/w Mister Kingdom (1977 – U.K. No. 18)

Disc 13: Mr. Blue Sky b/w One Summer Dream (1978 – U.K. No. 6)

Disc 14: Wild West Hero b/w Eldorado (1978 – U.K. No. 6)

Disc 15: Sweet Talkin’ Woman b/w Bluebird Is Dead (1978 – U.K. No. 6)

Disc 16: The ELO EP: Can’t Get It Out Of My Head / Strange Magic b/w Ma-Ma-Ma Belle / Evil Woman (1978 – U.K. No. 34)

By MARowe