Elvis Costello is clearly one of Rock’s great figures with a catalog of thirty  completely varied studio albums. Some fans ride the the entire ocean of EC to be sure and hit every wave. Others have defined favorites (I think his first five are the untouchables!) in regard to music style and era. Regardless, Elvis Costello is an enduring figure in our Rock history.

On October 12, Elvis Costello will release his newest album, Look Now. It will be with his current band, The Imposters. The new album will feature twelve new songs (see list below) and will be issued in a variety of forms via Concord Records. Elvis Costello & The Imposters have previously delivered two albums, The Delivery Man (2004), and Momofuku (2008).

Look Now will be issued on CD, a Deluxe Edition, and standard and HD DD. (I’m sure a vinyl LP is in the works as well!) The Deluxe Edition will provide an additional four songs, one an Elvis Costello solo tune from the film, Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool.

Pre-release singles will be released shortly (“Under Lime”,  “Unwanted Number”)

Look NowElvis Costello & The Imposters

01 – Under Lime
02 – Don;t Look Now
03 – Burnt Sugar Is So Bitter
04 – Stripping Paper
05 – Unwanted Number
06 – I Let the Sun Go Down
07 – Mr. & Mrs. Hush
08 – Photographs Can Lie
09 – Dishonor The Stars
10 – Suspect My Tears
11 – Why Won’t Heaven Help Me?
12 – He’s Given Me Things
Deluxe Edition Add
13 – Isabelle In Tears
14 – Adieu Paris (L’Envie Des Etoiles)
15 – The Final Mrs. Curtain
16 – You Shouldn’t Look At Me That Way [Elvis Costello]


By MARowe