For those with obscurity syndrome, there is a band from the late ’70s by the name of the Fabulous Poodles. Often fondly referred to as The Fab Poos, this band released three original albums on Pye Records in the UK. In the US, Epic Records released Mirror Stars, a 1978 cherry-picked selection of popular tracks from the band’s first two UK sets (Fabulous Poodles – 1977, Unsuitable – 1978). Think Pink was the band’s third and last studio effort. No matter your thoughts about this UK oddity, they were musically pleasing. Even in America, Mirror Stars swum around the upper reaches of the Billboard 200 Album charts. And I was equally curious acquiring both Mirror Stars, and Think Pink.

On June 29, Cherry Red UK will release a career spanning box set that will include the band’s three Pye sets (mentioned above), and a collected set of all of their UK Pye singles and B-sides, and finishing the 3CD Box with a handful of previously unreleased demos properly contained on the album CDs that represent each title.

All the music in Fabulous Poodles: Mirror Stars – The Complete Pye Recordings (1976-1980) are newly remastered. The box will provide original artwork on the wallet jackets, and a collectible booklet with photos and notes.

Of course, Fabulous Poodles aren’t a band for everyone. But if you were a fan in the ’70s during their incredibly brief run, then this definitive box is essential.

Fabulous Poodles: Mirror Stars – The Complete Pye Recordings (1976-1980)Fabulous Poodles

CD1 (Fabulous Poodles (1977) Original Album and Bonus Tracks)
Fabulous Poodles
01. The Ending
02. Doctor
03. Workshy
04. Bike Blood
05. Rum Baba Boogie
06. When The Summer’s Through
07. Rosie Pink
08. Roll Your Own
09. Pinball Pin Up
10. Mr. Mike
11. Cherchez La Femme
Bonus Tracks
(Polydor Studios – December 1976)
12. Workshy
13. I Love You Love
(Ramport/Scorpio/Air Studio Demos – June 1977)
14. See You Later Alligator
15. Don’t You Lie To Me
16. On The Street Where You Live
(KPM Sound Demos – Early 1978)
17. Chicago Boxcar
18. Mirror Star
(Basing Street Studios Demos – July 1978)
19. ‘B’ Movies
20. Suicide Bridge
21. Toytown People

CD2 (Unsuitable (1978) Original Album and Bonus Tracks)
01. Mirror Star
02. Topless GoGo
03. Chicago Boxcar (Boston Back)
04. Oh Cheryl
05. Toytown People
06. Convent Girls
07. ‘B’ Movies
08. Tit Photographer Blues
09. Third Rate Romance
10. Mugs Game
11. Suicide Bridge
Bonus Tracks
12. Workshy (7” Single Version)
(Pye Studios – 1979)
13. Poison Pen
14. Talking Trash
15. Sugar Coated Love
16. Stompin’ On The Cat
17. Look What The Cat Dragged In
18. I’ve Had It
(CBS Studios, New York City – June 1979)
19. Pink Christmas

CD3 (Think Pink (1980) Original Album and Bonus Tracks)
Think Pink
01. Man With Money
02. Bionic Man
03. Any Port In The Storm
04. (Hollywood) Dragnet
05. Bike Blood
06. Cossack Cowboy
07. Anna Rexia
08. You Wouldn’t Listen
09. Suicide Bridge
10. Pink City Twist
11. Vampire Rock
Bonus Tracks
12. Bionic Man (Edit Version)
13. Stompin’ With The Cat
14. Don’t You Lie To Me
(Live From The Bottom Line – Valentine’s Day 1979)
15. Introduction
16. Oh Cheryl
17. Workshy
18. You Really Got Me
19. Mr. Mike
20. Intermission
21. We’ll Meet Again


By MARowe