Dan Fogelberg is one of the great singer/songwriters to arise in the young world of Rock and Roll back in the early ’70s. And although Rock music was well under way to becoming a solid base of communication and enjoyment, it was still in development during this period. Dan Fogelberg created a blend of Country and Rock that became an essential to our ears. We grew to love him for his contributions, and we grew more and more enamored of the quality songs he created.  After the release of his second album, Souvenirs, Dan Fogelberg had captured the hearts of a forming fan-base resulting in a strong double platinum award (sales of 2,000,000 units). The fans would backtrack and give his debut, Home Free, a much deserved Platinum award. From Souvenirs (1974), on through his next four releases (Captured Angel – 1975, Nether Lands – 1977, Phoenix – 1979, The Innocent Age – 1981), Dan Fogelberg would enjoy multi-million sales and top-charting singles.

Sadly, Dan Fogelberg would pass away in 2007 from cancer. However, with a legacy of fourteen studio classics, two collaboration albums with Tim Weisberg (Twin Sons of Different Mothers – 1978, No Resemblance Whatsoever – 1995), a handful of compilations and live albums, and twenty-one singles that include “The Power of Gold” (w/ Tim Weisberg), “Longer”, “Same Old Lang Syne”, “Leader Of The Band”, “Part Of The Plan”, and “Love Gone By”.

On November 17, BMG will release a marvelously assembled tribute album to the enduring music of Dan Fogelberg. The fourteen-track collection will feature the songs mentioned plus those memorable ones that weren’t mentioned. (See track list below.) It’s a special tribute when artists of the caliber that are here lovingly assemble to pay respect to one of Rock’s best. And it’s simply called A Tribute To Dan Fogelberg. This project was started and carefully watched over by his widow, Jean Fogelberg.

In addition, a live gathering of many of these contributors has been recorded on video at a show a Red Rocks for an upcoming PBS special.

A Tribute To Dan Fogelberg – Various Artists

01 Phoenix  (Garth Brooks)
02 Nether Lands (Donna Summer)
03 Better Change (Michael McDonald)
04 Longer (Amy Grant/Vince Gill)
05 Same Old Lang Syne  (Train)
06 Don’t Lose Heart (Dobie Gray)
07 Old Tennessee (Fool’s Gold)
08 As The Raven Flies (Casey James)
09 Sutter’s Mill (Randy Owen)
10 Run For The Roses (with Richie Furay/The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band)
11 Hard To Say (Boz Scaggs)
12 Part Of The Plan (The Eagles)
13 There’s A Place In The World For A Gambler (Jimmy Buffett)
14 Leader Of The Band (Zac Brown)


By MARowe