Blues Pills is a Sweden-based band that boasts not only of fine guitars, bass, and drums, but also of a ‘should be legendary’ vocal talent of Elin Larsson. Her voice is one of the more powerful natural voices in a heavier style that we are able to genuinely gush over these days. In fact, few possess such powerful abilities to sing out a song the way Elin does. The band has toured heavily throughout Europe but, unfortunately for US-based fans, a tour of any muscle has been out of the equation for some time since their formation. Currently, Blues Pills only has two studio albums available. But they’re incredible releases.

On November 3, Blues Pills (via Nuclear Blast) will release a fifteen performance track live video called Lady In Gold-Live In Paris that will be made available on DVD and BD (Blu-ray). (No CD plans are in effect…for now.) The selected tracks for this release are from their October 30, 2016 show at the Le Trianon, a moderately-sized concert hall located in Paris at the foot of the large hill of Montmartre. The show was at capacity with 1200 fans in attendance. It was one of their stops on their support tour for their Lady In Gold album. And the band seems to be pretty proud of this filmed event.

If you haven’t already heard me gushing about about this band, then now is as good a time to familiarize yourself with them with the two embedded YouTube videos below. But for those in the know, and who follow them, the track-list of their songs for the live video is listed below.

Lady In Gold-Live In Paris  – Blues Pills

01. Lady In Gold
02. Little Boy Preacher
03. Bad Talkers
04. Won’t Go Back
05. Black Smoke
06. Bliss
07. Little Sun
08. Elements And Things
09. You Gotta Try
10. High Class Woman
11. Ain’t No Change
12. Devil Man
13. I Felt a Change
14. Rejection
15. Gone So Long


By MARowe