Since the release of St. Vincent‘s last album, fans have anxiously awaited for her creative juices to flow again. These days, creativity is judged on different standards. With many more bands in the mix to listen to, what’s here today is likely not here tomorrow. And so, three years is no unusual wait period. Three years once meant six albums of high quality musical standard back in the ’60s and ’70s from talented bands. But it’s good that we have to wait for new music from established bands these days. Otherwise, we might not get much in the way of quality. The time-frame of relevance might be squeezed to next to nothing.

The new album by St. Vincent is now revealed to be called Masseduction. The decidedly Pop flavor of St. Vincent (Annie Clark) is in place to ascend the Pop world. What makes her interesting to others is her approach. In years past, Annie Clark was a member of the interesting Polyphonic Spree, whom I enjoyed. She recorded a collaborative album with David Byrne back in 2012 (Love This Giant) that was great fun to enjoy.

On October 13, St. Vincent will release Masseduction. Her second single from the album, “Los Ageless” has just been released (along with the date and title of the new album). Previously, “New York” has been out for a bit.

Masseduction will be available on CD, DD, and two vinyl LP editions. There is a limited edition Pink vinyl edition that will include a 24″ by 24″ fold out poster, and access to MP3 and WAV files. There is also a Limited Deluxe Edition LP that will feature opaque yellow vinyl, a 24″ by 24″ fold out poster, a sticker sheet, a 28-page booklet, and the same access to MP3 and WAV DD files.

You can listen to “Los Ageless” below:

By MARowe