Mention the name of George Harrison, and you get instant recognition due to his unparalleled affiliation to a certain influential UK band that were known collectively as The Beatles.  Even after the demise of the Fab Four, George Harrison’s music contributions to the world of Rock is still mentioned in reverential tones. It is therefore inevitable that the offspring of any member of the band would be musically included and prone to creating and releasing original music with the recognizable surname they were blessed with. Some had great acclaim (Julian Lennon did exceptionally well for a period, and still has a ‘must own’ album, Valotte, to his name. Zak Starkey has success as a drummer with other well-known bands (namely The Who). Sean Lennon hasn’t enjoyed much success at all.

Now, we have a new entrant into the arena with Dhani Harrison. Dhani is George Harrison’ only son. Dhani has played with several bands, notably thenewno2, and Fistful of Mercy. Of course, he has engaged in other ventures. Being the son of George Harrison, i would be difficult to not be involved in expression.

On October 6, Dhani Harrison will release his first solo album under his given name. The new album is being called IN///PARALLEL(a stylish title that requires the ALL CAPS to properly give it the justice in titling it’s asking for). There will be a collection of ten original songs. One of the tracks, “All About Waiting” is currently in distribution as a single (hear below). And as you would expect, there is a similarity to dad, just with an updated sound.

IN///PARALLEL will be delivered on CD, DD, and vinyl LP.


By MARowe