They’re aren’t many big name bands that could fill a stadium on announcement of a tour. But there sure are a few. Foo Fighters are one of them. Sprung from the ashes of the tragedy of Nirvana‘s demise, this Dave Grohl band has pushed the boundaries of Rock n Roll with eight now classic studio issues. In an age of recorded music, Foo Fighters are a label’s dream. Their last album, Sonic Highways, even delivered near a half-million units in sales in the US alone. Given that they’re a world-wide treasure chest, they have accumulated several million units of each album in sales.

Recently, it’s been announced that their ninth studio work is on the calendar. Scheduled for September 15, one thing is for certain, Foo Fighters aren’t leery of making a high profile release a news item. So many studios try to keep an upcoming album under wraps for as long as they can (I guess to maintain momentum from release news). Foo Fighters already know they’re going to move those units and therefore clues the adoring public on its arrival date.

The new album is being called Concrete and Gold. It will contain eleven new tracks with one of them, “Run”, already in circulation. It’s a wild run as would be expected from the band.

Foo Fighters also begin a support tour for this year.

Concrete and Gold will be released on CD, DD, and vinyl LP


By MARowe