If you’re an Eno fan, especially of his early run of solo works, AND you love vinyl, then this piece is for you.

Consider the brilliance of Another Green World. Released in 1975, this was Eno’s third set. Issued after the stunningly different but beautifully independent Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy) (1974), It stepped above much. And then, of course, we’re also including Here Come The Warm Jets (1974), Eno’s warmly received debut album, and Before And After Science (1977). Essentially, these four album represent the first four in Eno’s massive catalog (not including Discreet Music, which is decidedly more ambient in nature than these four releases that are mentioned).

The good news is that Astralwerks will be reissuing these four titles on vinyl LP. All albums are Half Speed remastered, and cut at 45RPM. They are being presented as 2LP sets. Personally, anything being released on vinyl these days (that I love…And I LOVE Eno!), should be considered for repurchase if you’re a vinyl fan. I say this because the vinyl craze won’t last forever. When it dissipates, so will these releases. And if you did finally decide you wanted one (after the craze ended), it will cost you half your life’s fortunes to acquire, and maybe more.

These four albums will be reissued on August 4.



By MARowe