Ace Frehley is as well known a name as many classic members of any classic band. That, of course, includes the original members of KISS, of which Frehley was once a noted standout member of. As times change, so do bands. Unfortunate for KISS, the loss of their iconic members (Peter Criss, Ace Frehley) has been well documented and mourned. Nevertheless, Ace Frehley easily produced several stunning solo albums to ensure his legacy even further. One of them is Anomaly.

Anomaly was released in 2009, selling extraordinarily well. And as Space Invader (2014) was further immortalized as a Deluxe Edition. it’s only fair that Anomaly get its turn.

On August 18, eOne Music will release Anamoly Deluxe. I don’t have complete details on the reissue. But for now, let’s be pleased that it’s arriving on both CD and vinyl LP. That’s great news for vinyl fans.


By MARowe